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Top 10 crypto currencies profit in 2016 - best performance

Top 10 crypto currencies profit in 2016 - best performance

What are the most profitable crypto currency? We found an interesting thread on BitcoinTalk, resuming the best performance during the year 2016. 

Here the top 10 of crypto currency based on the year performance:

  1. Monero         2916,30%
  2. PotCoin          2737,29%
  3. NAV Coin  2384,27%
  4. NEM         2320,90%
  5. SysCoin        1777,48%
  6. I/O Coin 1327,55%
  7. Siacoin        1282,70%
  8. GameCredits  1269,17%
  9. ShadowCash  1079,00%
  10. Viacoin          839,97%

What about the other important crypto currencyes? We found Ethereum with an awesome +747,53% profit and Bitcoin with a +121,23% during 2016.

Monero is becoming more popular thanks to its anonimity and usage on the deepweb.

What will happen in 2017? During the first days we saw a bull trap with the BTC price increasing and suddenly dumping about 200$. Now BTC seems to be stable at 900-920$ and we must wait the 20 january: Trump president and Megaupload 2.0. Infact, KingDotCom announced bug surprise for Bitcoin during the 2017..  let's wait! Keep calm and don't panic!


Top 10 crypto currencies profit in 2016 - best performance


Top 10 faucet from FaucetHUB, hidden included!

Top 10 faucet from FaucetHUB, hidden included!

FaucetHUB is the new micro payment-system launched 1 month ago, after the closing of FaucetBOX. 

In one month, more than 200 faucets are using FaucetHUB API to send payment to their users. It's possible to collect Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin and maybe in the future other coins will be added. In order to be able to claim from faucet that use FaucetHUB, you need to enroll / register on FH.

In FH you'll find the following earning methods:

Join now to earn bitcoins!

Meanwhile, we're collecting and updating FaucetHUB faucet in our list, including the hidden one. Give a look at our faucet list! Filter the list by payment method, timer, rewards or age and vote the best one.

So far, FaucetHUB always paid and you can contact them on the live chat (24/7). Good luck to the team and keep up the great work so far done!

Top 10 faucet from FaucetHUB, hidden included!


Live Bitcoin price - BTC USD - BTC EUR

Live Bitcoin price - BTC USD - BTC EUR

We started to implement our Bitcoin converter light page. Check it out at


It's a simple bitcoin calculator with the live price from the major exchanges. It's mobile friendly and easy to use.

Currently we offer the following conversion: BTC - EUR with the following erxchange rate:

  • BTC-E
  • Kraken
  • Bitstamp
  • Blockchain.info

We're going to implement other ticker and pairs in the following weeks. 

We hope you enjoy the easy and lightweight page, mobile friendly!

Live Bitcoin price - BTC USD - BTC EUR


Happy Christmas crypto lovers! Best bitcoin dogecoin litecoin faucet

Happy Christmas crypto lovers! Best bitcoin dogecoin litecoin faucet

Crypto lovers, happy Xmas! 

Our faucet list is updated constantly and we disabled all FaucetBOX faucet since FaucetBOX is now closed. Remember to login into you FaucetBOX account and reduce the payout threshold if you have some coins there.

Since one month, a new micro Payment System is bors: FaucetHUB

Remember to register on FaucetHUB to be able to collect coins from faucet. FaucetHUB is a new micro payment system and is working really well. There are more than 100 faucet listed with high rewards.

Visit our faucet list to check the new one, you can sort by date, rewards, time etc.

We list the following faucet:

  • Bitcoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Litecoin
  • Peercoin
  • Primecoin
  • Dash
  • Ethereum

Happy Xmas!

Happy Christmas crypto lovers! Best bitcoin dogecoin litecoin faucet


Segregated witness adoption chart - live statistic

Segregated witness adoption chart - live statistic

Segregated witness is bouncing from 20% to 30% and now is approximately stacked at 25%.
You can track the segregated witness chart by querying this awesome free API

Segregated witness is one of the most important Bitcoin step for the year 2017. The second one? The lightening network!


Segregated witness adoption chart - live statistic


FaucetHUB Review - First Impressions

FaucetHUB Review - First Impressions

FaucetHUB has been officially launched a few days ago and count already more than 50 faucet listed.

FaucetHUB is a micro payment system, ideal for faucet owner and users, and support Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. 

The features are quite similar to the one present on FaucetBox:

  • Faucet list
  • Faucet management
  • IP block
  • Threshold time limit

The most important difference is that if you want to claim from FH faucet, you need to register a profile, indicating your email address and your coin addresses. This is a big difference from FaucetBox, but it's an important measure against bot and malicious users.

Another nice feature is the turbo lottery: every 5 min a ticket is chosen between the ticket purchased by the users and the winner is rewarded with satoshis. There are 10 winners for each game, it means the rewards are from the first place to the tenth place. You can buy ticket at the current price of 10 satoshi.

FaucetHUB has a live chat for english, spanish and russians users. It's active during all the day and active users can win free satoshi!

There is a game "Rock paper scissors" where you can challenge other users and try your luck. I played 22 games, 20 lost and 2 tie..

Finally, I suggest you to subscribe to FH to be able to claim from faucet and earn satoshi from the offer wall and the games provided by FaucetHUB.

Congrats to the owner Mex!

FaucetHUB Review - First Impressions


Best Bitcoin faucet list & rotator December 2016 - 68212 Satoshi

Best Bitcoin faucet list & rotator December 2016 - 68212 Satoshi

Today we reached a total of 642 Bitcoin Faucet listed:
By browsing all faucet you can get minimum 68212 Satoshi, an awesome amount of Satoshi!
This week, our top-ten Bitcoin faucet selection is:

  1. Moon bitcoin
  2. Fautsy
  3. Freebitcoin
  4. Btcfaucet
  5. Bitcoinker
  6. Elenafaucets 1
  7. Elenafaucets 2
  8. Elenafaucets 3
  9. Elenafaucets 4
  10. Extrabitcoin

New micro payment system supported:

Our list is updated daily, new faucet are added and removed. Try it now!

Best Bitcoin faucet list & rotator December 2016 - 68212 Satoshi


Live Bitcoin Segregated Witness Charts Adoption

Live Bitcoin Segregated Witness Charts Adoption

Segregated Witness is the solution proposed and developed by the Bitcoin Core developers team. The source code for SegWit feature entered in the latest Bitcoin code client and SegWit activation is started! But this is only the first step of the activation process that need 95% of network consensus before it will fully activate on the Bitcoin network. Since all mining pool can decide to adopt one client or another, it will be very difficult to have a majority network consensus in few weeks. For example ViaBTC, a Chinese mining pool representing over 5% of the network hashrate, does not support SegWit and if the hashrate keep increasing, it will be difficult to achieve the 95% of the network consensus.

You can see the live bitcoin SegWit charts adoption here:


Today, 15h00 2016/11/16 the adoption is 3.075%




Live Bitcoin Segregated Witness Charts Adoption

SegWitBitcoinSegregated Witness

Smart Blockchain Insurance Gambling - Smart contract is the way

Smart Blockchain Insurance Gambling - Smart contract is the way

The blockchain, Bitcoin's underlying technology, is going to change the insurance world. By combining the blockchain and Ethereum, a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts on VM, it is possible to sign a digital and smart contract without the need of a third party and without the need to waste a lot of money. Transparency and decentralization are the key factor for the years 2016 and 2017 about insurances. 

Blockchain is a distributed ledger with enormous innovation potential in all areas of financial services. Bank and financial institutions are investing in studying and developing blockchain use cases, they are brainstorming on how to use blockchain technology to take advantages of revenues and costs. The blockchain technology offers potential use cases for insurers by reducing costs and preventing frauds.

By combining the blockchain with Ethereum, we can develop a smart contract, store it forever inside the blockchain and let the nodes evaluate the contract. It is possible to reduce drastically the maintenance costs, the storage costs and the verification costs as all is done by the blockchain technology and Ethereum platform.

The real 2017 challenge is figuring out how the smart contract can automate the subscribing of policies, the validation of claims, and the verification of the contract. A big help is provided by the so-called Oracle, for example by Oraclize, one of the automated tool for oracles.

A simple use case for travel insurances concerns the holidays and weather conditions. The consumer purchase an all-inclusive 7-days holiday's to the moon with the following condition:

  • If it rains for 3 or more days, the insurance will pay back half of the holiday's price
  • If it rains for the whole holyday's, the insurance will pay back the full price
  • If it does not rain, nothing happen

The smart contract includes all the above conditions and inside the "software code" there'are different API calls to free weather services or to Oracles. The smart contract is propagated in the Ethereum network and inside the blockchain. The day after the end of the holidays, the nodes will process the smart contract and refund totally or partially the consumer if it has rained some days.

Another use case is about gambling or betting. I can sign a smart contract that my train will be in late about 10 minutes. The smart contract (through Oracle) will call some free API to check the train delay and eventually unlock the refund.

With blockchain technology, we have a public ledger where we can track everything! For example, we can keep track of: 

  1. Ownership of Paintings
  2. Ownership of artwork
  3. Car production line
  4. Music copyright
  5. Patents

The blockchain will change the world!

Smart Blockchain Insurance Gambling - Smart contract is the way

BlockchainInsuranceSmart contract

Best Black Friday 2016 Deals - Amazon Walmart Bestbuy

Best Black Friday 2016 Deals - Amazon Walmart Bestbuy

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. This year, Black Friday 2016 will be on Friday November 25, 2016.

During this crazy weekend, lot of shop stores open at midnight and offer crazy deals, while the people behave as zombies.

Here a list of shop and the best black friday deals:

  • Amazon: typically Amazon release new deals every hour starting the week of Black Friday and includes every categories.
  • Samsung: they offer TV (led, plasma, smart) or camera at half price. Check theyr website during the Black friday.
  • Walmart: Walmart is preparing its biggest Black Friday 2016 sales event ever! You can find smartphone, toys, electronic components ... at a really low price. Check theyr AD for example: Philips 55" 4K UHDTV - $298.00, iPhone 5s 16GB (Straight Talk) - $99.00
  • Bitcoin: Bitcoin black friday is the day where hundreds of merchants meet thousands of users for the good of Bitcoin. Check the website http://bitcoinblackfriday.com/ 
  • Gamestop: the AD show the Uncharted 4 500GB PlayStation 4 Slim Bundle for $249.99!
  • Bestbuy: thousand of deals, including the Apple MacBook Air!

Let the Zombie apocalypse begin!!!

Best Black Friday 2016 Deals - Amazon Walmart Bestbuy


The best faucet list ever with more than 1000 faucet: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Primecoin and Peercoin.

The faucet list is checked every day. Empty or broken faucet are hidden and you can browse always the best and most profitable faucet.

Android Smart Faucet Rotator, the best and most profitable Android application to earn Bitcoin. Always updated and synced. Register and start earn millions of satshis or... BTC!

Faucet link Custom Rotator Gain Timer Login Hard Empty / Broken Added Payout Vote Review
Moon BitCoin 5000 5 7
Tobitcoin.biz 500 60 7
Freebitco.in 334 60 7
bitcoland 260 20 7
elenafaucets 250 15 7
Artbitcoin 250 15 7
Elenabitcoin 250 15 7
elenafaucets 250 15 7
bitcoinker 200 5 7
btcfaucet.io 200 120 7
Laddercoins.tk 200 600 7
faucetboy.xyz 151 303 7
bittorn 150 700 7
greenfaucet.ml 150 60 7
bitmatrix.ir 150 60 7
Fauceton.tk 150 180 7
freiherr 125 30 7
Free Peercoin 125 0 7
Lutetium.pw 125 30 7
u24.co 124 120 7
CoinPrizes 120 120 7
free-coins 120 60 7
bitcoin-kran. 120 61 7
fautsy.com 110 5 7
bituniverse 101 5 7
pentafaucet 101 60 7
huefaucet.xyz 101 5 7
Bitlucky-show 101 5 7
btcfaucet.design 101 30 7
freebitcoinbuilder 100 60 7
satoshi4free 100 60 7
Destiny Faucet PPC 100 60 7
Get My Faucet 100 60 7
CMMonitor.Com 100 60 7
satoshiforfree.top 100 15 7