OpenBazaar: Decentralized markets for decentralized money

OpenBazaar: Decentralized markets for decentralized money

This story begins in April 2014 during the Toronto Bitcoin Hackathon. Amir Taaki and his team created the proof of concept of a decentralized marketplace, called "DarkMarket". Some months earlier the FBI seized the famous dark market Silk Road and Amir decided to develop a more secure and decentralized dark market, to overcome the Silk Road weakness and vulnerabilities.

This is just a simple prototype, but we wanted to show people that it’s possible” Amis Taaki says. “But this is going to happen. If not us, someone else will do it.” 

The developer Brian Hoffman forked the project and renamed it "OpenBazaar". First release come online on April 4, 2016.

Existing centralized marketplaces like Amazon and eBay have had decades to build up an impressive suite of features for their users. Our first release has the advantage of 0% fees and using Bitcoin, but it will be a long time before we are as feature-rich as the big platforms.

OpenBazaar works like Bittorrent, in fact is is a peer to peer network that is not controlled by any company. Selling pages are hosted through the whole network, there is no Amazon, eBay or other centralized network that keep trace of every single action. You simply install the OpenBazaar application and you are directly connected to all other people, you can sell and buy goods from all over the world with an high level of anonimity and security. To increase the anonimity you can purchase by using the TOR network, being a shadow!

As for now, the only payment method accepted is Bitcoin, to keep anonimity during the transaction.

Unlike Amazon, eBay and other eCommerce market, OpenBazaar is a NO FEE market. You pay what you buy! There isn't a centralized authority (market) or issuer (credit card) that you HAVE to pay in orde to purchase a good. 

It's just simple as ride a bicycle!

OpenBazaar: Decentralized markets for decentralized money