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Pesobit a new Crypto Currency from the Philippines

Pesobit a new Crypto Currency from the Philippines

Pesobit is a digital currency designed to provide services to the filipino people. Pesobit team says it will provide a fast, secure and easy way to transfer money across country with a minimal fee. Pesobit will offer a free remittance service using a 3rd party service that will allow recipients to convert their received Pesobits to Philippine Peso to their bank accounts or even a card-less withdrawal.

It seems just a brand new copy of thousand crypto currencies already launched... BUT it has a big community and the ICO (starded in august) is on the finish line with a big success! Lets see if the team will develop something usefull and unicuqe in the next months.

The roadmap is huge:

End of ICO:

  • Webwallet
  • Block Explorer
  • Windows, Mac and Linux wallets
  • Pesobit to Philippine Peso conversion site
  • Online staking via poswallet

Late September

  • Listing of coin to exchanges
  • Mobile wallet


  • Own online staking platform
  • Pesobit Remittance website
  • Pesobit Freelance website


  • Marketplace
  • Online APIs
  • eCommerce shopping cart payment modules
  • Mobile wallet upgrade to integrate with Social Networking

Which will be the first exchange to trade Pesobit? Poloniex?
Good job to the whole team!


Pesobit a new Crypto Currency from the Philippines