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FaucetHUB Review - First Impressions

FaucetHUB Review - First Impressions

FaucetHUB has been officially launched a few days ago and count already more than 50 faucet listed.

FaucetHUB is a micro payment system, ideal for faucet owner and users, and support Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. 

The features are quite similar to the one present on FaucetBox:

  • Faucet list
  • Faucet management
  • IP block
  • Threshold time limit

The most important difference is that if you want to claim from FH faucet, you need to register a profile, indicating your email address and your coin addresses. This is a big difference from FaucetBox, but it's an important measure against bot and malicious users.

Another nice feature is the turbo lottery: every 5 min a ticket is chosen between the ticket purchased by the users and the winner is rewarded with satoshis. There are 10 winners for each game, it means the rewards are from the first place to the tenth place. You can buy ticket at the current price of 10 satoshi.

FaucetHUB has a live chat for english, spanish and russians users. It's active during all the day and active users can win free satoshi!

There is a game "Rock paper scissors" where you can challenge other users and try your luck. I played 22 games, 20 lost and 2 tie..

Finally, I suggest you to subscribe to FH to be able to claim from faucet and earn satoshi from the offer wall and the games provided by FaucetHUB.

Congrats to the owner Mex!

FaucetHUB Review - First Impressions