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Vanitygen a Vanity bitcoin address generator

Vanitygen a Vanity bitcoin address generator

What is a Vanity Address?
It's a classic bitcoin address that starts with some string of characters or regex that you prefers. It's just like having a personalised number phone on your mobile! The main problem with vanity addresses, is that in order to create them, we need to brute force a lot of addresses, because the search for a pattern is probabilistic. There is no way to brute force the address generator without a brute force. It's just like find a password for a desired username. 

So, do you want a custom Bitcoin address, for example 1ThisIsMineNngkoXEeobR76a53LETnpyT? 

Sound strange, but it's possible! With VanityGen you can create your unique bitcoin address starting with your desired words.

Vanitygen is a command line tool that accepts as input a word, a pattern or list of patterns to search for, and produces as output a list of addresses and their private keys. Vanitygen's algorithm is probabilistic and the amount of time required to find a given pattern depends on how complex the pattern is, the speed of your computer, and whether you get lucky!

Example of performance:

  • Dual-core desktop CPUs, 32-bit mode: 100-250 Kkey/s.
  • Dual-core desktop CPUs, 64-bit mode: 150-450 Kkey/s.
  • Quad-core desktop CPUs, 32-bit mode: 200-400 Kkey/s.
  • Quad-core desktop CPUs, 64-bit mode: 300-750 Kkey/s.

Vanitygen is secure, but you should run the tool in a black box and out of internet PC, to be sure that nobody read your private keys generated.


Vanitygen a Vanity bitcoin address generator