2017, The Rise of the ICO - Fun facts

2017, The Rise of the ICO - Fun facts

During 2017, over $1.5 Billion has been raised so far through ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings).
ICO is a powerful technique to crowdfund money to develop and maintain a project. The majorities of ICOs are held over Ethereum blockchain, the ERC20 Token standard.

The fastest ICO was BAT (Basic Attention Token) which Raise $35 Million in just 24 Seconds! The ICO lasted 24 seconds and at the time of writing, the ROI is +263.94%!

The most profitable ICO was Stratis, with an incredible +93737.87% from the ICO date 06/20/2016!

The most hacked ICO was CoinDash which raised $7.53 Million before the ethereum address was changed to a fake one by an anonymous hacker, resulting in the Ether going "lost" to another destination.

The largest amount of money was raised by Bancor ICO: $153 Million!

Rumors say that this "ICO bubble" is quite over and the majority of ICO sells no services neither facts.. but only a piece of "white paper" and 0 lines of code development.

Let's see the next months!

2017, The Rise of the ICO - Fun facts