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Phishing in Darkweb to steal Bitcoin - Michael Richo

Phishing in Darkweb to steal Bitcoin - Michael Richo

WALLINGFORD - Michael Richo, 34, was arrested Wednesday on a criminal complaint charging him with credentials theft, bank fraud, identity theft and money laundering. He has developed a system with the aim to steal bitcoins via phishing in the darkweb.

The Man has developed dozens of phishing web-pages identical to some black market, sponsored the link in different forums and waited for the victims login in order to steal their credentials. Once in possession of credentials, the man used the credential and login on the real site, widthdrawing their bitcoin wallet address. He stole more than 15,000 credentials.

Although phishing is going out of "fashion", in the deep web, especially with the onion Protocol, phishing is difficult to identify. Websites are provided with link composed of random letters and numbers and it is difficult to identify the actual site or the fake one.

Here are some of the main site Alphabay onion:


In order to collect the money, the man exchanged bitcoin with FIAT currency and then deposited it on a traditional bank account.

Richo was released on a $100,000 bond.

Phishing in Darkweb to steal Bitcoin - Michael Richo